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In case you haven't noticed, having a presence on the World Wide Web has become a very normal thing. In many industries, if your business is not on the WEB, people will wonder why you aren't or may assume that your company isn't looking anywhere but behind. The biggest reason most businesses resist having a web site is understanding how to implement it, how to keep it current and how much it might cost. A small business can easily afford to have a web presence without spending that much money. Restaurants can post menus, hours and directions while clubs can post schedules of live appearances. Businesses can list services and links with product information or support and industry organizations. As the world of communication ties our computers and our TVs to the World Wide WEB, it's clear that to be competitive, you need to have your information available to the people that you want to reach.  Now, your biggest decision is when are you going to do it.

McRae Media offers turnkey internet sites. Your Domain and basic information can be on line in less than 24 hours. McRae Media can provide the graphics, audio encoding, scheduled updates, e-mail addresses and more customized to your needs on a monthly basis.

Quality design and proper technical engineering are the key to delivering your content.

Bandwidth is everything on the Internet and part of quality Web site design is the management of that bandwidth for the end use (browser). Making sure that browsing is a good experience for your target audience can only be achieved by good design and good engineering. Doing this goes way past being compatible with Netscape and Internet Explorer browsers. This is why the correct compression of all media is so critical. Audio and graphic files must be compressed to the ideal size in a balance of quality against the transferability of the media over the Internet. With any picture file, the larger the size of the file, the better the quality will be but the tradeoff is slower loading into the browser of that file. In one page, too many graphic files (pictures) to download can cause a perception problem of your site and ultimately your company for your target audience.  

Technically, we keep your site on a a high end server that has extremely high speed access to the Internet. redundancy and daily backup are just some of the many features that keep data integrity secure. We offer only state-of-the-art network appliance file servers, linked through industrial strength Cisco 7500 Series routers, into redundant UUNet, MCI, and GTE International OC-12 lines. For creating and publishing we use various Microsoft Developmental Tools such as FrontPage 98 and all of it's new components. We have the FrontPage 98 server extensions securely installed which supports the authoring and administering of FrontPage webs.

  • Fast UUNet access into the Major Internet Backbone
  • Powered by SGI Origin 2000 Server
  • Multi-homed, Internet connected data lines
  • Microsoft FrontPage extensions *NT Only
  • Your own FTP site
  • Your Own CGI Directory
  • Web site activity logs
  • Daily Tape Backup of your data
  • Expert Technical Support
  • On-site UPS
  • 24-hour on-site monitoring
  • Same day set-up
  • POP 3 Accounts 
  • 99% uptime guaranteed
  • 90 day money back guarantee

            (Yes we are very serious!)

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